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Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Compatibility

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

There are a lot of electronic cigarette brands out there. Often times, when someone purchase an electronic cigarette from one brand, after a while he/she might want to try another flavor offered by other brands. Therefore, it is good to know what cartridges are compatible with your E-Cig.




E-Cig Cartridge Compatibility

The vast majority of electronic cigarettes on the market are either 510, RN4081, KR808D-1/E8 or KR808D-2/E9 thread types. These different styles are not compatible with each other!

The following brands are compatible with 510:

The following brands are compatible with KR808D-1/E8:

The following brands are compatible with KR808D-2/E9:

The following brands are compatible with RN4081:


There are several website offering compatible cartridges for almost all existing e-cig brands. We suggest you to visit TheMagicMist and review their great selection!





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