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Electronic Cigarette Cartridges



Cartridges For Electronic Cigarettes

There are several types of refill cartridges for electronic cigarettes. Besides tobbacco flavor, there are available many other flavors such as menthol and nice flavors like strawberry, apple, vanilla and other. Also, there is a huge assortment of nicotine levels of electronic cigarette cartridges:

  • full (high nicotine level - equvivalent to regular cigarettes),
  • medium (equvivalent to light cigarettes),
  • low, and
  • nicotine free


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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

The best place to buy electronic cigarette cartridges is to go to the official website of the e-cigarette manufacturer you're using. To find a discount coupon code appropriate for your favorite brand please review our brand comparison chart .

Also, there are suppliers specialized to sell e-cig cartridges that are compatible with the most electronic cigarette brands. We recommend you one of the best rated supplier below:

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electronic cigarette cartridges

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